A new Software Engineering Curriculum

Language: english inverted classrooms max class-size: 50 per year per course: 1 head lecturer 1-3 tutors

employees - head lecturers: PhD in CS, experience in the industry mandatory, as well as current position in the industry mandatory, 250€ per teaching hour, 1 course per semester to be able to focus on their work as well as develop the course further - tutors: MSc or PhD students, 100€ per teaching hour - MOST IMPORTANT: in 2nd year, we need teachers who have worked and ARE WORKING as software engineers (industry, remote, consulting) AND HAVE A PhD. the problem is to get such peopel because they are VERY rare! However by doing a inverted classroom-first approach, we can also offer remote positions and are not locked to locals. then again, we run into the problem that our uni might become a purely online uni - how can we root them still here?

quality insurance: - TODO: this is the hardest part, how can we create incentives to develop the course further if we pay by the hour? - student feedback - unanounced participation of supervisors/observers in lectures - salary bonus depends on good overall score - OKRs - negative score: thats it

content: 1 year: foundations 2 year: software engineering 3 year: towards the scientific method

each years courses are designed and delivered in a connected way where they tightly integrate the overall theme of the year and refer to each other

  • programming

    • C in 1st semester
    • java in 2nd semester
    • haskell in 3rd semester
  • theory

    • boolean logic (einführng in die informatik, schmidt)
    • algorithms and datastructures
    • discrete maths: linear algebra, algebraic structures,
    • theoretical CS: automata, grammars, turing machines, lambda calculus
  • software engineering

    • project in 3rd semester
    • requirements engineering
    • software architectures
  • distributed systems

    • webtechnologies
    • modern distributed web (REST, microservices,…)
    • relational databases
    • non-relational databases
  • computer systems

    • operating systems
    • networks
    • security
  • scientific work

    • seminar
    • bachelor thesis