For roughly eight years in my life I have taken up the pleasures and responsibilities of teaching, which I eventually quit. I have taught in different positions in different institutions in different places on Earth. Below you find a brief summary of each in chronological order.

My first real teaching experience while I was still a student in the postgraduate computer science degree. It was there, where I realised that I have a talent to teach and that I deeply love teaching. I taught the following courses:

During my PhD I was a tutor in various courses on Python, Haskell, C/C++, Java and gave twice a single lecture on Object-Oriented Design Patterns.

My first job as a teacher, where I was responsible for teaching the Haskell part of the Programming Paradigms course. Besides learning a lot about the fascinating Chinese Culture, it was there where I realised that teaching could be something which I could do full-time.

As lecturer in Software Engineering and Computer Simulation I had the responsibility of a number of lectures in the Bachelor (Software and Information Engineering (SIE) + Digital Innovation (DI)) and Master Programme of Computer Science. Besides that I also supervised a number of Bachelor- and Mastertheses. Eventually I quit my job and the experience there led me to decide to abandon the education system until it has risen from its own ashes in 1-2 decades. I taught the following courses:

I taught digital education to 10-14 year olds in a Free Montessory School. The experience was profound, very rewarding - as it is always when working with kids - and added a new kind of experience and dimension to my teaching skills and portfolio. I did not pursue it for a longer time as I was going back into the industry in a leading role, after having quit teaching for good (see above).